What is dosaDAO

The ultimate internet hangout spot for South Asians.

Aishwarya Rai is the ultimate babe, no dating until you are married, the dance you did for your second cousin’s wedding will put any TikToker to shame, and you were the first in your elementary school class to develop facial hair…

Years have passed and we find ourselves asking how we can recreate the best moments of being brown in “adulthood”.

Dosa is a virtual community dedicated to inspiring south asians through laugh, dance, and fun.

We are dedicated to developing programming that will give you the same tingle of excitement
you felt walking into the high school auditorium for Garba 2001.

We are curating a community of big thinkers, lovers of culture, and future leaders.

In the past ppl had tribes, now we have countries, in the future we’ll have digital communities.

If this sounds exciting to you, apply now to join our community.


To bring together South Asians from across the world into one decentralized organization.
This is a digital community, an internet collective.

Benefits of Joining
Access to best and brightest of the brown community
Virtual Events
Stream of constant conversation with the cultural leaders of our generation.
In-Person experiences across NYC/LA/London/MIA
Prizes and rewards (NFTs, Airdrops, Early Access to Digital Products and brand goods)
Investment Opportunities
Token Launch